Friday, May 15, 2009

Kogod Undergraduate Student Perspectives

Jordan, Kogod Undergraduate Student
So far we've encountered an ideal balance of Chinese culture and business. The business meetings have provided us with experiences that are as similar to the real world as it gets. The lessons we have learned about Chinese culture range from hanging out in clubs with local to observing their over-the-top swine flu prevention antics.
Some highlights:
  • Rode the fastest train in the world.
  • Master Of Nate Garden in Suzhou
  • Walking out on a "western meal"
  • Fried watermelon
Sandy, Kogod Undergraduate Student:
I have always looked forward to visiting China because of its rich history and culture but I never imagined how different from the West it would be. The food, for instance, is something I never expected and as I sit sipping expired plum flavored soup out of a can in a Nanjing factory, I am reminded of that fact. In addition to ten other equally strange soup flavors, this company, Voho Soup, even has a before dinner soup that helps relieve the effects of alcohol on the body. The cultural usage of herbal and natural flavorings seems to affect all types of food here and it makes me very curious as to how the Chinese view American food since our palettes are so different.

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